Talking About Loan Options

Child New To College? Help Getting Expensive College Books

If your child is starting college, you will soon find out their college books are likely going to be very expensive. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to help you pay for them. Follow the tips below and those books will be in their hands before the first day of college.

Obtain a Loan

If they are taking a lot of classes the first and second semester, you may want to consider getting a loan to cover the cost of the books. Besides covering books, you can use this loan for things like travel expensive if they have to drive to school, cost of staying in dorms, and the cost of their food.

Talk with several different loan companies. If you tell them what the loan is for, they will help you get the best rate they can. They may even set the loan up where your child has smaller payments while they are in school.

You can also find loan companies that deal solely with student loans. When searching for these loans, however, make sure the interest rate is not too high. In some cases, your child will not have to start paying back the loan until they after they graduate from college.

Rent the Books

Many of the books your child will use in college will never be touched again when they finish the class. Instead of purchasing them, you can find websites or establishments in the area that will let them rent books. Check with the school's book store, as well as other book stores in your area to see if they offer this. Once your child knows of the books they need, they need the ISBN number to ensure they rent the right books. When your child is finished with the book, they send it back into the company, and then they can rent the next books they need.

Buy Used Books

Buying used books is another option you have. Check with the school library to see if they offer used books. The only drawback to this is they may not have all of the books your child needs. You can find establishments in your area and websites that have them used. This works out well because when they are finished with the books, you can sell them back, and use that money to purchase the next books they need.

College is a rewarding experience but it is expensive. Take some of the pressure off by saving some money when it comes to the books.