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Ways To Quickly Raise Some Cash For Your Clothing Boutique

If you own a clothing boutique or other small business and need to raise some quick cash to cover an unforeseen expense, then you will be happy to learn there are many different ways you can accomplish this. If you aren't sure where to look for extra capital, here are some suggestions to get you started with the process:

Hold an Overstock Inventory Liquidation Sale

If you have boxes of unsold clothing or accessories in your boutique's stockroom, then you have money that is just lying around and collecting dust. Rather than borrowing money or otherwise raising capital, you should hold an overstocked inventory liquidation sale!

For the most success, pick a weekend when there is a festival or other large event in your local area, and plan to hold your liquidation sale during that time. During the week leading up to your sale, flood social media with photos and announcements about your sale. The photos will show potential buyers what you will be selling and bring them into the sale much more effectively than flyers or other outdated advertising tactics.

Sell Your Overstock on Social Media

While you are advertising your overstock sale, you will likely find people who want to purchase items right away from you. While this can be a bit of extra work, it is also a fantastic way to make some extra cash. In fact, you may be able to skip the sale itself and instead offer your overstock for sale in lots on social media.

For example, every area these days has a local Facebook group where locals sell their new and gently used items. Seek out this group and offer groupings of your overstock for sale. Perhaps you have t-shirts in a variety of colors or styles? If so, you can offer a few shirts together, in one size, for a discounted price. Let buyers know they need to come to your boutique and pick up their purchases. Since they already show an interest in your products, this will also bring you future business.

Take Out a Quick Small Business Loan

Finally, if you do not have any excess stock or need more capital than you can realistically raise by selling, then you should consider taking out a quick small business loan. There are plenty of lending options on the market that cater to small business owners. If you cannot find the right loan, then you can always use a credit card and then quickly pay off the balance as your business makes money.