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Bail Set Too High? Consider These 4 Ways To Get It Lowered

If a judge has set your bail bond so high that you cannot pay it, your initial instinct may be that you need to go to a bail bondsman to get the money that you need. However, a high bail amount will result in paying a higher premium to the bondsman in this situation. Having high bail isn't a great scenario to be in, which is why it helps to request that the judge lowers your bail to make it more affordable. Here are some ways that you can argue to lower your bail.

1. Proof of Home Ownership

Bail is used to prevent you from leaving town and show up to your court date. If you can prove you are tied to the community through owning a home, it may cause a judge to low your bail amount since you're more likely to stay in town. Bring in proof that you own your home in the community, which includes mortgage documentation, and see if that can convince the judge to change their mind.

2. Proof of Work or School Enrollment

Having existing obligations to school or work can help demonstrate that you are going to return for your court date. If you currently have a long employment history with a local business, ask that your employer writes a letter that demonstrates that you have strong ties to your job. If you are a student, you could show proof of the classes that you are taking and how you will be in town to take them.

3. Proof of Financial Hardships

If you cannot afford the bail amount, you'll need to demonstrate that you do not have the cash on hand. You can show current bank account statements that show you have less money saved than the bail being requested. You can also show bills that you have that would prevent you from paying the bail amount. It can help a judge understand your current financial situation and potentially adjust the bail accordingly.

4. Proof of Other Community Ties

Anything that can show you have a good standing in the community can help your case in reducing bail. This can include having children that go to a local school or being a small business owner.

If you still need help paying for bail, even after it is reduced, work with a local bail bondsman. A lower bail amount means that you'll end up paying a much smaller premium, which will help save you money in the end. For more information, contact your local 24/7 bail bond agent today.