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How Bail Bonds Work To Free Your Friend

If an unexpected phone call from a friend in need has you puzzled, rest easy. The world of jails, arrests, and bail is confusing to everyone but those that work with it every day. Getting a friend out of jail is a lot easier than you may think, thanks to bail bonding companies. To get a quick and easy idea of what you need to do, read below.

Get the Facts

A phone call to the jail can confirm the details you will need to know before you take action. Find out the location of the jail facility, the charges, and the amount of the bail.

Bail or Bail Bonds

Once you know your friend has been offered bail, you have to either pay the full bail payment or pay a percentage of the bail. Paying a percentage of the bail is obviously cheaper, but there is one thing to know about the difference in bail and bail bonds. Bail is refunded when the defendant is sentenced. Bail bonds are less expensive but are not refundable. Bail, however, is extremely expensive – the difference in outlay can be thousand of dollars. You may want to save some money by using a bail bonding company.

Contacting a Bail Bonding Company

Bail bond agencies are not directly connected to the jail or the court system. They are privately owned businesses that are usually located near courthouse and jail facilities. In most cases, your local bail bonding company has close ties and a professional relationship with jail officials so that they can easily expedite the bail bond process and free your friend. Once you make contact by phone, let the agent know the information about your friend and you will then be told how much to pay to have your friend released.

Paying for the Bond

Bail bonds can be had for cash and many agencies accept credit cards as well. The percentage charged varies and is set by state law in some locations. Bail, however, is about more than just paying money. Your friend has to abide by all the rules of the court or they could end up back in jail. Often that means appearing for court and staying out of trouble until the case is over. Once you sign the agreement and pay the bonding person, you will probably have a short wait before picking up your friend.

If you want to know more about bail bonds, go to the source. Speak to a bail bonding agent and have your questions answered.