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What Does A Bail Enforcement Agent Do?

When a person gets arrested for a crime they did or did not commit, they will often spend time behind bars while awaiting a trial. However, it can take a while for the trial to occur. To prevent people from sitting in jail for months or years while they wait for the opportunity to prove their innocence and to have a fair trial, bail is set. Most people are unable to pay the full amount of bail on their own. When they cannot pay the bail money out of pocket, they will often use the services that are offered by a bail bondsman. The bail bondsman agrees to bail the individual out of jail for a percentage of the bond amount, but some terms and conditions must be followed. The person who is getting bailed out must agree to appear in court when they are required to do so. While most people follow the rules, some do not, and that is when a bail enforcement agent must handle the situation.

What Happens When an Individual Does Not Show up for Court?

Part of what a person agrees to when getting out of jail on bail is that they will show up to court when they are told that they need to do so. If someone fails to show up to court and they do not have a legitimate reason for doing so, they are in contempt. It is understandable to miss a court appearance due to a serious illness or hospitalization. Unfortunately, some people take it upon themselves to flee the city or the state because they are running from the law and want to avoid the court system altogether. It is not the best move to make. The bail enforcement agent will go on the hunt to find the person who is on the run. When a person signs the contract that was provided to them by the bail bondsman, they are signing over their rights, and that means the bail enforcement agent has the right to arrest the individual on the spot.

How Does an Agent Find a Person Who Is on the Run?

Finding a person when they are on the run is not always easy, but the bail enforcement agent has experience with searching for these individuals. The agent will speak to relatives and loved ones of the individual who did not show up for court while attempting to find them. Sometimes, the bail enforcement agent will receive tips from those that know of the person's whereabouts, which helps with the process of finding them. Once the person is found, they are then arrested and sent back to jail.

A bail enforcement agent has a serious and potentially dangerous job to do. When people fail to follow the terms and conditions of their contract with the bail bondsman, it is the bail enforcement agent who must go on the hunt for those people. Click here for info about bail enforcement services.