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Is Your Freedom in Jeopardy?

Getting out of jail after an arrest is vital to not only your health and peace of mind but to your case. It's nearly impossible to deal with an upcoming court issue from behind bars. Fortunately, affordable bail is possible when a bail bond. However, the benefits of being free from jail may be short-lived if you aren't careful. Read on and find out more about all-important bail conditions imposed by the court and by your bail bonding agent.

Bail Is Far More Than a Financial Issue

Using a bail bonding agent to gain freedom is a smart move. Bail bonds are cheaper than paying the court-ordered bail, and bonding agents make it easier to cope with the stress of the arrest. Bail is a monetary promise to return for later court dates, but it's much more than that. Bail comes with conditions, and following them is not optional. For an idea of what to expect when it comes to bail bond conditions, take note of some common ones below.

Appearing for Hearings

This is the most important condition. You must take note of all court appearances and show up on time no matter what. If you don't, the judge could issue an immediate arrest warrant. Also, you will face additional charges in addition to your original charges. A failure to appear charge could be a separate matter to deal with. Finally, if you violate this condition or any of the below conditions, you could end up back in jail with your bail revoked and you might not be able to be bailed out again.

Associating With Certain Individuals

Some types of crimes warrant this condition. You might be warned to stay away from any alleged victims or not to associate with known criminals or felons. Some arrests, such as those for domestic violence, may prompt a restraining order. That means you cannot make contact with the named petitioner for any reason.

Getting Arrested for Any Reason

Being arrested for any type of crime will probably mean your bail will be revoked on your original charge. When your bail bonding agent tells you to stay out of trouble, it's not just an empty warning. Some people sitting in jail for months on end are facing a nearly unsurmountable pile of charges and bail revocation issues with no way to attain freedom.

Carrying a Weapon

Depending on your charges, you may also be ordered not to have weapons on your person, in your vehicle, or on anyone with you. That covers not only firearms but knives and other objects that might be used as a weapon.

The way to ensure you don't get into trouble while out on bail is to stay in contact with your bail bonding agent and don't hesitate to ask questions before you act. Speak to a bail bondsman in your local area to find out more.